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What A Wonderful Party

What a wonderful party! I greeted my hosts with a few other guests and rushed home because it was almost morning. I pulled my collar up, to protect my face from the night’s cold, and walked with big steps, and summed up impressions of the party. I was very pleased to see some old friends again, but I also met some new ones. It was better to come to the party than to stay in my house, which is far from the settlement and lonely on the hill. Many people would be scared to live in a house without neighbors nearby, but not me, I am used to it and I am not scared of anything.

As I slowly left the settlement, I heard steps behind me, a man who was at least two meters tall, dressed in black clothes, walked past me. I tried to see his face, but as soon as I looked at him, he disappears then reappeared behind me. At one point, he appeared in front of me, immediately I realized that I was dealing with some demonic force. Scared, but calm enough, I pulled my head deeper into my collar and continued to walk without trying to say one word. I heard a rooster from somewhere, the first messenger of the morning, and the display simply disappeared.

The next day I called the friend who organized the party and told him what happened. He laughed.

“Yes, the drink was great” he joked “come back tomorrow during the day, there will be a couple of friends from the party, maybe the tall guy also jumped around them while they were returning to their homes”.

I was a little offended that he did not believe me, but I forgot about everything until that evening. When the sleeping time came, as soon as I turned off the light, I heard the screams, shrieks, and the different voices shouting my name, they echoed all around the house. I could not turn on the light, nor get to the window, as through the window I clearly saw a hand with long nails scratching on the glass. The noise around the house lasted almost until morning, and then it quietened.

Although I was frightened by what happened during the night, I was hoping that it was just a rough joke by my friends, inspired by the event I told them had happened the previous night. As soon as I arrived at their house and entered the room where everyone was gathered, I expected that laughter would start and there would be more jokes at my account. Instead of laughter, I was welcomed by the worrying faces of my friends, because I was pale, with deep puffs and a little executed. I told them what had happened the previous two nights, but it quickly became clear to me that it was not their joke. Moreover, it seemed to them that I was losing my mind.

A little bit embarrassed, I wanted to go home. The grandmother of the host was in the room while I was repeating the event and she left the room for a few minutes while I said goodbye to everyone. She appeared again when I was at the door. She nodded her head and dropped in my hand a piece of a rope on which a hog thorn was tied.

“Carry this around your neck during the day and night,” she said and left.

I stumbled on what would happen on the third night, but the evening was completely peaceful and I quickly fell asleep. I slept on my back, but in the night I was awakened by the feeling of weight on my legs. I thought my cat had come to bed and I tried to make her go away by shacking my legs, but I quickly realized that there was no cat and that something was crawling on my body. I felt the weight on my chest and then I saw my “acquaintance” from the first evening sitting on my chest and watching me. His face was wild and red, with white fangs scraped under thin and dried lips. I tried to shout, but there was no more air in my lungs and I struggled to breathe.

The hand. I recognized the same hand that was scratching my window the previous night while someone was calling my name. The same hand went to my neck and began to tilt his head with his mouth open from which the teeth flashed. However, as soon as his hand touched the thorn that I had around my neck, he jumped back, dropped a painful scream and disappeared in front of my eyes.

It has been many years since then and I sometimes wonder if it was just a dream. Sometimes I happen to hear scratches around the window at night or in the distance ghostly whispers of someone reciting my name. At such moments, I reach for my neck and I touch the hog thorn, it is still there, and then I am drowsy and slip into sleep.

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