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Still Waiting – Part One

Not much longer… the words were a silent fervent prayer; but just like the scant worn material of her thin jacket, they offered no protection against the biting rawness of the cold. Still she wrapped the material tightly around her slight frame. Intense all-seeing eyes, which just a few hours earlier had been filled with a joyous sense of hope and excitement, were now reflecting a growing sense of panic and trepidation. As shadowy fearful doubts surfaced from the depths of her being and plagued her subconscious.

As she waited ominous dark clouds gathered and swamped the last feeble rays of the wintry sun. The onset of evening had brought a bone-chilling icy wind. The once busy streets, full of frantic shoppers were now much quieter, as people hastened home. Drawn by the lure of cosy firesides, and an evening curled up comfortably, watching the telly.

Still the girl waited, now seeking mean comfort in the doorway of a closed shop. ‘Where was he…?’ ‘He had promised faithfully…?’ She thought back to when they were last together. The plans they had made… they had to be together… no matter what…running away was their only option. She knew they had to get as far away as possible…out of reach…or else they would find her and force her to go back. At sixteen she was still under the care of her parents, and they had her whole life mapped out for her… the right type of education… the right kind of job… being seen with the right people at the right social events and… and then when the time was right …marriage to the right type of husband. Otto definitely didn’t fit in to her parents’ right category. A son of a poor migrant family, there was no money for him to go to college. Leaving school at sixteen to work with his father, they managed to secure general maintenance work amongst the local fishing fleet.

Reflecting on their chance meeting… it was like two opposing planets colliding… immediately there was a mutual fascination and attraction… Meeting Otto, had opened her eyes to new possibilities…of a world where she could be free. Otto told her stories of the future he had planned out for them…with every word he painted a magical picture of a blissfully idyll…their ‘happy ever after.’ They would travel to a country, where the sun was always shining. Otto would build a simple house near the shoreline, he would spend his days fishing, or taking tourists out on day trips in his fishing boat. She would keep house, tending their children…with always an eye on the blue horizon… waiting for her love to return.

Suddenly, her quiet contemplations were shattered, as bright glaring headlights fixed their gaze upon her, as a sleek sports car swept into view. Pulsating music emanated from inside, increasing in volume as the car slowly approached. Feeling a sudden sense of foreboding, the girl shrunk back pushing herself further in towards the doorway, as if to bury herself into it. The car smoothly stopped, a little way up the road, not far from doorway where she was crouched; and the pounding baseline was suddenly silenced.

The door swung open and a dark figure eased himself out of the driver’s seat, and swiftly moved onto the silent darkened street, as he moved under the harsh inhospitable gaze of the street light, his features became momentarily illuminated. Thin faced, almost skeletal in appearance, with unfathomable deep set eyes that appeared to penetrate the blackness in their unrelenting quest.

Her fear now was palpable, as sheer unadulterated terror sliced through every fibre of her being. Bypassing any semblance of coherence or reason, as to why this stranger should spark such a reaction, she crouched, tightly hugging herself into a foetal position. In her blind state of panic any thoughts of escape or resistance seemed futile… her fate was sealed.

To be continued

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