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Halloween Decorations

The spirit of Halloween, is an ever-present force here at Mystic Mansions, where we just love, all things supernatural, throughout the year. Our fabulous Halloween decorations are guaranteed to please, giving your home that truly magical feeling every day of the year. We pride ourselves that our products are superbly crafted, to the highest quality, and supplied to you at the best possible prices.

Halloween decorations, have been used since the first festival was celebrated. Celts, hung wreathes of blackberries at the entrances of their homes, to protect themselves from evil spirits, during their ancient festival of Samhain. During the eighth century Pope Gregory lll, decreed that the festival should become the central part of a Christian calendar. Renamed All Hallows’ Eve, the prelude to the holy festival of ‘All Hallows’ Day.’ The festival still retained many of the pagan tradition, including decorative pieces to intended to guard and protect.

As the celebration became more associated with Christian church, decorations of a more spiritual nature became increasingly popular, with figurines of angels and blessed candles. Soon these additions were to be found in homes, not just on All Hallows’ Eve, but throughout the year.
Carved lanterns, were also seen to have supernatural protective powers, during the festival of Samhain, grotesque faces were carved into turnips, to ward off evil spirits. Throughout the passing centuries, this tradition grew in popularity, and when the story spread to America, pumpkins quickly replaced the turnip. Pumpkins were believed to symbolise good fortune, a plentiful harvest and good health.

At Mystic Mansions, we are proud to carry on this ancient tradition, whist adding our own very special modern twist. We have a fantastic range of decorations. choose from beautifully designed candles to quirky fun fridge magnets, we even have a range of spooky signs to welcome guests into your home.

So why wait until the 31st of October. Add a touch of the supernatural to your home and celebrate the spirit of Halloween throughout the year.

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