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Bedtime Story

Now my dears, before you go to sleep, pray snuggle in, whilst I tell you a bedtime story.

As the midnight hour approaches this Hallowe’en, make sure that all your windows are closed; and your curtains are shut tight. For on this night, it is said that death’s special envoy his ‘Dark Angel,’ rides out.

A ghostly spectre, riding on a monstrous black steed, he searches the land looking for poor unsuspecting victims. So, should you hear a distant clattering of hooves and wake during the night; please heed my warning and do not draw back your curtains to peer out of the window; and if perchance you have been foolish enough to leave your window open, you may sense his cold shadowy presence and feel the iciness of his breath upon you.

Do not be tempted to open your eyes, for a heinous fate awaits all that gaze upon his face. Dark fathomless eyes, evoke nightmarish images, too horrific to speak of. Petrified to the spot and feeling an unimaginable sense of terror; and yet powerless to act, his icy elongated fingers reach deep inside. Slowly and excruciatingly he begins to tear your soul from deep within your body.

And then smiling grotesquely, he spurs on his horse and continues onwards; anxious to continue his evil quest before the first light of dawn sends him scurrying back to whence he came.

Now settle down my darlings, goodnight and sweet dreams. Just before I go let me blow out the candle and open the window.

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