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About Mystic Mansion

To those who rejoice in the wonders of mystique...
To those who delight in misty mornings and dark stormy nights…
To those that dream of guardian angels and seek spiritual guidance...
To those who take delight in the uncanny and supernatural…
And for those who seek the spine tingling and sinister…
We’ve been waiting for you, welcome home!

Meet the free spirits who dwell inside…

Having always had an interest in all things mystical and supernatural, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated at how difficult it was to find imaginative and captivating items of quality. After been on the receiving end of yet another inferior and shoddy product, I finally decided that something needed to be done. My dream was to create my own online magical emporium, seeking out beautifully crafted objects full of enchantment. Whatever your interest; you will find an object to entrance and entice. From healing stones and spirit boards; to time-honoured Halloween favourites. We are sure to have the perfect gift for you.

Additionally, I wanted to establish a place, where like-minded individuals can enter our world of enchantment. From atmospheric seasonal meditations, to supernatural myths and age old customs, just check out our amazing Halloween special.

Another fabulous feature, will be our ongoing selection of stories with a supernatural twist, from the mysterious and wistful to spine-chilling horror.

Be sure to check in regularly to see our exciting new updates.


Helen Hirst


Other Mystic Mansion Residents


Aimee Hirst

Marketing & Social Media
Aimee will be looking after marketing and our social media for Mystic Mansion Gifts.

Meg Hirst

Chief Artistic Adviser
Meg’s inspirational creations are truly breath-taking, just look at our amazing art gallery.

Dawn Mann

Story Teller and Sometime Mystic Mansion Occupant
Day dreamer and lover of all things mystical, Dawn’s imagination knows no bounds.